Jayne Golightly


Go Whangarei

I have been frustrated with the lack of common sense in the future development of Whangarei and feel now that if there is no change in council there will be no change for our town.

Go-Whangarei has given me the opportunity to do something ‘real’ for my community because they are a united team of really awesome people with common goals and common values that will get Whangarei up and running.

Independent candidates simply cannot achieve that and never have been able to. They are voices in the wilderness, nothing much ever gets done and promises never seem to be honoured and I am tired of that.

Having a whole lot of un-united personalities in council is a bit like having a mixed political party! It wouldn't work.

We only get the opportunity to bring about a change every 3 years which is sad because when nothing is being done to really improve our ‘place’ and promises just get broken time and time again, there is nothing we can do about that until the next election. 2016 is the year for Whangarei to embrace a change and I wish to be part of it.

I have lived here almost my entire life, my parents have been in business here for almost 40 years and really nothing has changed. Probably we have more vacant shops, less businesses and fewer jobs.

My father, Ron Baker, owned the Chevron Lounge and then engraving systems and after he passed away, it was taken over as a family business run by mother Rose Baker. My parents were members of the Chamber of Commerce for 20 years and my family have been involved in Lions, Rotary and many other community activities. My dad was involved in the Harbour Board through his work and back then, was a pro football player and took on the early job of restructuring the Whangarei City Football Club.

It is now my turn to take on that role of community facilitator and to improve our lovely city.

I am a good communicator across all ages and enjoy working with youth and the elderly.

I am perhaps over trusting of people however that has always enabled me to see the good in everyone and to remain open and receptive to new ideas and concepts.

I love our city however I guess my biggest frustration is that whilst other similar sized towns, New Plymouth, Mount Maunganui, Wanaka etc are vibrant, full of energy and colour and moving ahead with tourism, jobs, entertainment and heaps to do for our young people, my home town Whangarei remains almost stationary and at times that becomes an embarrassment to me as much as I love it here.

There really needs to be a change in the ways we do things, the way we think about things and ways we get things done and I wish to be a part of those changes and to see our awesome city vibrant and alive again.