Key Objectives of Go-Whangarei

“It is our wish and intention to obtain a solid majority in council  that will enable us to drive economic growth and community prosperity within our district via a process of  actively supporting our communities and adopting an Open door’ policy  to encourage businesses and economic growth. We intend to firmly put the brakes on wasteful spending and to halt rising costs by introducing a decisive, united and experienced management team into your council”.

There will be no reduction in services, that is not what we are about, we are about efficient management. It is most likely that services will be considerably improved.

In like manner, infrastructure maintenance will not be affected and will carry on as usual accept that it will be more efficient both in cost and in time.

We are not about the Status Quo, we are about a complete change.
Steady as she going nowhere!

We have the experience!

Go-Whangarei is like a rugby team, we each have solid business and community experience and each of us has a specific skill set.
We have the drive, the commitment and the expertise to bring change to the way your council functions and to drive this region forwards and into the future.
Nothing that we have promised to do is outside of ‘prudent corporate management’ and what should be expected within any organisation that works for its shareholders.
Read-on to see how and what we are going to do....please click on any of the following topics to better understand what we are all about.