Our district is made up of 6 wards, all of whom are individual and all of whom have their own needs and requirements. Together, it is these wards that make up our community. They all make up a Team, a community team. They must be supported, funded and allowed to make a difference. By growing their own communities they present a cleaner, tidier and safer place to live and that encourages others to move here. It encourages growth and employment. It brings vibrancy, prosperity and happiness.

As a united team every member of Go-Whangarei is passionate about each of our wards whether they live in them or not, so we are promising to:

  • Provide greater funding for community projects.
  • Provide community groups with a direct line to councillors and the Mayor.
  • To get your footpaths underway without delay.
  • To provide greater funding for the Arts and culture.
  • To support community initiatives for self service.
  • Support and establish jobs and recreational activities for our youth.
  • Encourage greater involvement of Ratepayer and community groups.
  • Encourage a fishing charter company to get underway for our youth.
  • And never forget that a happy community is a safer community.

Cycle ways and Walk ways

These are all projects that were put in place by previous Mayors and councils some as far back as 2010 and beyond. They are well established community projects to which NO current council or Mayor should ever attempt to take credit for.

Cycle ways are all part of a Govt strategy that receives considerable Govt funding. We will continue to support and canvas for the continuing extension of the cycleway not only throughout our region but also throughout Northland.

Walking Tracks were again a long term council initiatives that have been planned for, for many, many years. We will increase our support for these community projects and encourage communities wherever possible to actively become involved in the construction and maintenance of these tracks. As a new council we will provide no nonsense funding through a simplified process and one not requiring a whole pile of red tape.

The combining of pedestrians and bicycles on the same track by our current council is not in our minds, particularly wise and will require addressing before there are accidents.


Your current Mayor and councillors have promised and then broken those promises to provide footpaths. They put funding in and then they take funding out, it’s a ridiculous situation and one that we will not participate in. Footpaths are your right and we won’t be quibbling about them.

  • They are an integral to any community and are a necessity that should not be delayed.
  • Whilst this council procrastinates in the pros and cons of getting footpaths put in place we will simply just be getting on with the job of getting them done.
  • They don’t need consultancy reports, they don’t need modernising, our communities just want footpaths and we will deliver them.
  • We say no to $400,000 on parking indicators and we say yes to $400,000 on footpaths.
  • A bit of common sense and the use of local contractors will see the jobs done and done at a fraction of the cost.
  • Go-Whangarei will not be delaying footpaths, they are essential and they improve our community standards in a visual and in a practical way.