Your Mayor and many of your current councillors have stated that they do not accept that there is a shortage of parking in the CBD. We beg to differ and so do most central city retailers and most ratepayers.

Despite the opinions of a few, it is globally accepted that free and readily available car parking results in more customers spending more money. The world over this is pretty obvious and we know that via our own experiences.

Your current council has systematically removed more and more car parks from around the CBD and then engaged more and more parking wardens. It is blatantly obvious to everyone except your current Mayor and councillors, that since this has occurred more and more shops have become empty. Derr!!  I’m sorry but it’s pretty bloody obvious.

Look at KeriKeri, thriving, no empty shops and free parking. Look at Kamo, thriving, no empty shops and free parking, look at the town basin, no empty shops, thriving and free parking...just!! (your existing Mayor and her councillors are about to start charging you ).

The most recent fiasco with the pedestrian/car blend in the CBD is nothing less than a disaster waiting to happen. Who the blazes dreamed up that debacle, less parking less people, (at least those spending money) and more empty shops. A ‘pretty’ looking ghost town!


This sort of bad planning and bad management will stop under Go-Whangarei.

  • We will be making all parking throughout town free and without exception.
  • We will allow you, as ratepayers the opportunity to manage this.
  • If we have to we shall introduce a 2hour maximum park however we will NOT be rushing around immediately handing out tickets and the clamping of cars will be a thing of the past.
  • We will not be introducing paid parking at the Town Basin.
  • We will be reintroducing car parks and removing the obstacles to parking throughout town.
  • Pedestrians and cars do not go well together and trying to make them to just creates an unsafe environment where somebody will get hurt. We will be addressing that problem.
  • We will not be removing any more parking, we will be reinstating it.
  • We believe that it is a council’s responsibility to provide car parks and car park buildings.
  • We will not be introducing a Wilson style car park.
  • If we have to enforce time zones we shall do so via a series of warnings before any tickets are issued.