A well designed and compatible road/rail infrastructure for Northland is a must. 

I have watched Mount Maunganui grow and its port expand, I have watched the jobs and industry that has built up around it and I have watched the Mount flourish and prosper. As a new council dedicated to economic growth and reform we shall actively support and lobby central government for the expansion of our port, our rail and our major roads. We believe that central government is keen to see Northland flourish and we have little doubt that once CG see a proactive and experienced council with a solid determination to prosper Northland we catch their attention and their support.

  • We will more actively lobby central government for additional funding for our rail and our road networks including the sealing of some of our more important rural roads.
  • We will support our Port and the industries that wish to expand around it.
  • However we will put on hold further ‘internal’ road works around our CBD until a clear strategy has been investigated including a one way system.
  • Current road improvements radiating out from the CBD are not freeing up traffic, they are creating more problems and causing greater delays despite your council’s promises.
  • We will reconsider roundabouts and see them as a better option than traffic lights.
  • We will open up more slip lanes at existing roundabouts. Remove unnecessary traffic control lights as they are ineffective and are causing unnecessary traffic delays.
  • In essence, unless it is a safety issue, no further works need to be done urgently but rather we will  modify what we have to achieve better flows during peak times and concentrate on our community’s.

Rural Roads

I live on a rural road, in fact several of them. I spend my time dodging pot holes and collapsing culverts. Every six months or so a grader arrives, does one trip up and one trip down the road and then leaves. That is it. That is the level of this council’s rural road maintenance and that is ridiculous.

We will not accept that anymore. Farmers and rural communities have been neglected by this current council and have been fed excuse after excuse. This is your opportunity to vote for a new council.

  • We will immediately establish a faster rural repair service and better maintenance control. Currently most roads return to disrepair within 2 weeks. That is ridiculous.
  • Do it once and do it properly.
  • We need a dedicated rural pot hole team whose job it is to fix potholes until the jobs done properly. This employs and provides a useful eye on the rural scene and increases rural security.
  • Greater consideration needs to be given to sealing high traffic rural roads and better canvassing of central government. We have an excellent team to do that.
  • Greater community involvement with regards to the sealing of portions of country roads with joint funding proposals.
  • Farmers will no longer be the forgotten few because your new Mayor is one.