Since introducing paid rubbish collections and making ratepayers pay for rural rubbish stations and not having them open 24/7, rubbish has become an increasing problem around our district and it now pollutes our roadsides and our rivers and also creates a growing rodent problem. This is yet another council initiative that has not worked. Council has endeavoured to make a profit from rubbish to hide its internal inadequacies. That is wrong and not good business.

The resort centre is similar, promises broken yet again as the costs have become so high many can no longer afford to take their larger items to the tip. We will fully investigate our entire rubbish collection and disposal system and its policies. It is not about profit but about serving your ratepayers. Something this council seems to have forgotten.

  • We will be immediately reducing rubbish tip fees especially those for organic waste.
  • We will be removing the cost of rural collection stations and they will be open 24/7.
  • We will be looking at the introduction of plastic bins for all households rather than the use of plastic rubbish sacks because this keeps our streets cleaner and amounts to less rubbish and less pollution.
  • We will not discourage household burning of rubbish and shall take a practical approach to recycling.