Tourism Growth

Tourism will play a huge role in the regions prosperity over the coming years and must therefore be vigorously supported and encouraged by council, not simply just catered for.

  • Clear support strategies and funding options must be put in place across the board to encourage growth in this sector including rezoning, greater use of council’s own resources and at cost friendly rates together with greater use of councillor’s discretionary powers.
  • Money is better spent encouraging tourism rather than developing more infrastructures hoping for growth.


  • There is a need for an international type facility here in Whangarei that will provide 4 star or better accommodation on a large scale, we will be proactive in this regards and will support all proposals including the offering of council land in a joint venture.
  • A greater support is required for youth hostels and back packer accommodation throughout the region including the central city with the relaxing of zoning restrictions and/or greater use of council discretion in approving developments.
  • The growth of ‘freedom campers’ needs to be embraced for the betterment of the region and sensibly managed. Both the needs of campers and those of ratepayers need to be addressed constructively. This is a country wide issue, Knee jerk reactions such as those made by our present council are pointless and likely to backfire.
  • Council needs to consider setting aside designated areas for Freedom Campers and to provide extra basic facilities in conjunction with Central Government’s drive for tourism.
  • We will lobby central government and join forces with our neighbour councils.

Pohe Island:

This is perhaps Whangarei’s best opportunity to create itself a truly remarkable central park that should be available for the wider public to enjoy. It must be safe and family friendly. Currently its development is disjointed and disorganised and needs proper management and some innovative input from the arts and cultural people from within our community.

It should be a playground of both natural and visual entertainment and encompass all that we stand for.

  • We will be landscaping and planting this area with specimen trees to create a restful and safe central city park with increased parking, public access that will include at least one kiosk/cafe together with complimentary small businesses like bike hire. This project will be commenced immediately.
  • Over time this area will develop into an area with activities, tranquillity and a connection with the city and the water that will evolve over time.
  • We will not be proceeding with a car park next to an already busy intersection that is already creating problems.