Zoning/Planning & Consent Processes

Your existing Mayor and councillors gauge the success of their processes by looking at statutory guidelines. We say that simply meeting statutory guidelines is not a measure of success or competence and we will do considerably better. Zoning, planning and subdivision consents are at the heart of our failing economy. Council has got it wrong and is failing to support economic growth, business growth and to encourage innovative people and businesses who want to give it a go. The jobs stop, the growth stops and that stops prosperity and lead’s to all manner of social problems.

Your current council are now trying to place further restrictions on farmers and private individuals who may wish to subdivide or develop their land, this is unreasonable, unproductive and inhibiting growth and prosperity. That is not in line with our thinking and if we are elected as your new council we will not support these changes.

  • We will be establishing a direct line to the Mayor and to councillors to enable a more direct and hands on approach for new businesses and developments. We will be very proactive in this regards. There will be no excuses and no road blocks put up to prevent projects bringing growth and prosperity to Northland from getting a ‘council nod’.
  • Consent processes will be simplified sped up and the costs reduced. There needs to be less letter writing and more face to face meetings, greater involvement and acceptance of local engineer certificates progressing to onsite inspections by independent engineers.
  • There needs to be a greater involvement by inspectors within a frame work of cooperation and solution finding. A more common sense approach
  • Private individuals should be encouraged to subdivide and not be hindered by further plan changes and more bureaucracy and red tape. This in itself creates household prosperity.
  • Zoning throughout the district will be relaxed rather than further complicated and greater flexibility will be enabled to encourage greater growth in all areas.
  • Significant features can be protected but not on private property.
  • Infrastructure will follow. It does not need to precede development. It should be economic growth, population growth and then infrastructure growth.
  • Town planning is inherently unreliable and rarely performs as was intended. People are innovative and creative so let them exercise that creativity and think outside of the box.
  • The payment of development contributions and impact fee’s must be flexible and if in fact required, should not be payable until cash flows have commenced. We will be looking seriously at the impact of development contributions and how they are restricting economic growth within our district.
  • In a similar manner, rates on multiple new sections should not be payable until sale.
  • It is time to take our ‘hands off’ and embrace growth.