Simon Reid


Go Whangarei

I am standing for Council in this ward, because as a region, I believe we need to move forward. We need a Council who will invigorate our district.

Go-Whangarei is your only opportunity to bring an approachable, 'get in and do it' attitude to the table.

We have an excellent team with experienced leadership and all the skills required to make Whangarei prosper.

Road Transport has been my life for over 40 years, with our family business being based in Maungatapere since 2003. The strong sense of Community spirit in the area has prompted me to stand for and support our ever developing area. A Go-Whangarei Council will drive key initiatives that will benefit our whole district.

Roading is holding our area back from progress. This subject is close to my heart being a local Transport Operator. A sound roading infrastructure is the hinge to our area's Farming, Forestry and Tourism. Roading improvements on a 'do it once - do it right' policy is the most cost effective in the long run. No shortcuts, but a balance of cost/gain is still important. Getting our goods to market on safe roads will help drive our region forward.

Townspeople, Farmers and Lifestylers alike are being hit hard by rates. A respite is needed from ever increasing costs, and a rate freeze will help many along the way to recovery and prosperity. Land subdivision rules will be overhauled and restrictions relaxed. Your local rural rubbish station will be free and open 24/7. These are things that will be done immediately.

Frivolous spending of ratepayer money and borrowing more to build icons is not good management. Our community needs to prosper before we spend on buildings. A Go-Whangarei led Council will support, encourage and push businesses and entrepreneurs forward. We will support new initiatives wholeheartedly.

Our region needs to have businesses operating and staff working, resulting in a more appealing, bustling place to live in. This will attract more people to stop, spend and stay. Economic growth is the main focus of Go-Whangarei.

Free parking will help to encourage people into town. To this end, more parking needs to be made available. I don’t have to tell anyone about Whangarei's parking woes - only that we need to improve the present situation. Go-Whangarei will do this, no arguments, no discussions just simply getting it done.

Looking forward and upwards:

  • Visitor numbers need a boost. Let’s get more international sports fixtures at our premium sporting venues.
  • Let’s get backers in to help. Be it a major hotel chain, or local influence or a combination. The concept has worked well elsewhere.
  • Let’s aim for a BIG hotel in town, and grab the attention of international sports bodies and travellers alike.
  • Let’s move forward lets welcome the visitors, let’s welcome them with a wonderful vibrant city and make them feel like part of our Community and encourage them to stay.

Our Strength/Unity/Prosperity is in your hands.

Take Go-Whangarei into your heart and ride with us to a better, brighter time.