Town Basin

Thank goodness one of our previous Mayor’s saw fit to develop this facility along with our bridge. Where would Whangarei be without it? 

It’s a cautionary tale though because your current Mayor and council have just announced that they wish to now remove the free parking and start charging not only you and I but also our tourists for the privilege of visiting us. Then to further compound this, they wish to remove what must be some 200 car parks from the land adjoining the HAC site despite there already being a considerable shortage of parking.

And there’s more, they want to find a developer who will build a multilevel car park across the road, and in front of what are almost our only apartments in Whangarei central, not only blocking their views but charging all our city workers to park there and then making all our tourists wait in the rain to cross the road to visit either the Hundertwasser or the Town Basin or both!

It is simply ridiculous and shows a total lack of foresight and common sense. Go-Whangarei will have nothing to do with the removal of car parks, the charging of parking or the blocking of views.

  • The Town Basin should become the ‘tourism hub’ of Whangarei.  Council needs to create easier process and grant greater concessions for tourism focused activities.
  • There needs to be serious consideration given to creating better pedestrian access via a direct pathway from the ‘city to the basin’ such as a wide pedestrian flyover with adequate parking. We won’t simply be talking about it, we will be doing it.
  • More shops more facilities more cafe’s and more entertainment both family and youth.
  • Current parking must remain and must be increased. There will be no removal of any parking and no charging for it.
  • The area needs to be larger and we have some plans for that.
  • The public should be able to enjoy increased usage of the facilities and the adjoining water.